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"At BBBS Inc., our goal is to free San Diego companies to ‘focus on their core business’ by providing high quality, full service outsourced accounting. We can do this at a substantially lower cost than an in-house staff or a consortium of other third party providers—making this an affordable and practical solution.”

- Leah Thiss



As Chief Executive Officer for BBBS Inc., Leah M. Thiss is responsible for engineering the strategic growth plan and market position of the accounting service company. She's also personally involved with new business development, marketing, human resources, information integration, facilities management, and the company’s corporate accounting functions.


In 1992, Leah established The Byte Bender, an outsourced computer technical support and systems training company, serving San Diego area businesses including the City of Del Mar, MicroAge Corporation, AT&T, Trade Services and Compton’s New Media. One of the company’s key service offerings was accounting system conversion services. The success in this area eventually led to the formation of BBBS Inc.


Working with companies on their accounting system conversions, Leah recognized the need for small and medium-sized businesses to incorporate a cost-effective, single source accounting solution. She structured BBBS and its offerings around this need.


Leah ensures that BBBS is staffed to manage the planning, processing, record keeping and financial reporting needed by its clients. This includes building an appropriate and secure accounting department infrastructure to protect client revenues, while assembling a "pod” of professionals with the optimal mix of skill and expertise to meet a client’s specific needs. BBBS uses the latest technology to stay connected with their clients and to provide them with real-time transparent accounting support.


Leah believes that the strength of BBBS’ entire management team stems from the combined expertise in management, accounting and technical areas. Under her leadership, the team has proven its ability to meet the demands of a fast-moving marketplace, stays current with ever-changing technology, and quickly responds to challenges with innovative solutions.


Personal Statistics


  • Resident of Poway
  • Member of the Corporate Finance Council Board
  • Chair Elect and Board Member of the San Diego N. Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce
  • SDNCC Chair of the Economic Development Committee
  • Member of the Yuma Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the National Society of Accountants
  • Member of the National Notary Society
  • Listed in the National Registry of Who's Who
  • Member of the Aircraft Pilot Association
  • Past President of the Summerfield Home Owners Association
  • Sponsor Member of the Chairman's Round Table
  • Member of the San Diego Venture Group
  • Board Member of Poway Center for Performing Arts Foundation


"At BBBS Inc., we understand what businesses need in the accounting area to grow and prosper. We are committed to making world class, business accounting affordable to these growing businesses. Nothing makes us happier than contributing to the success of a client's company.”

- Jeffrey Thiss




As Chief Financial Officer for BBBS Inc., Jeffrey B. Thiss is responsible for the overall financial health and long-term success of the accounting service company and its clients.


Jeff has spent the last 30 years providing financial services to fast growing companies. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller, he has established several financial organizations for divisions of Fortune 500 companies and small companies that have achieved tremendous growth. Through his experience and training, Jeff has gained a clear understanding of the financial planning, reporting and controls needed to take a company through each stage of growth.


As a CFO, Jeff provides leadership at the accounting level, in addition to the company as a member of the executive management team. His deep knowledge of accounting gives him the insights necessary to develop successful accounting resource models that are used to keep

fast-paced organizations profitable.


While enjoying a successful career as a CFO, he became interested in the outsourced accounting concept. He observed that many companies do not need and cannot afford a full-time bookkeeper, accountant and/or CFO. He assisted in conducting a feasibility study to determine the viability of an outsourced accounting company. This led to the formation of BBBS Inc.


Jeff provides BBBS clients with  the best practices for financial planning and reporting so that they have the information they need to run their businesses. This includes tools and insights to manage accounts receivable, inventory, and accounts payable to maintain a healthy cash flow. He also provides guidance and assistance in  building strong banking and vendor relationships that result in favorable financing and credit terms. Jeff brings a higher level of professionalism and efficiencies to his clients’ business operations.


Personal Statistics


  • Resident of Poway
  • B.S. Accounting, Arizona State University
  • Former CFO at Telesoft and The Delmar Group
  • Former Controller at Compton’s New Media, NCR, Chicago Tribune Co. and Encyclopedia Britannica